Photo Credit: Janet Pliszka Photography

Alice Holub, PhD, Registered Psychologist

Providing Family Centered Child Therapy and Assessment

Whom I Serve:

  • I serve children and families in the Calgary area and throughout Alberta.

  • My focus is children, and teens coping with complex medical, developmental, and mental health concerns.

  • Therapy work includes consultation with parents and meeting directly with children and teens, both virtually and in person.

  • I collaborate with parents, pediatricians or other specialists, and teachers to provide the best care possible for my clients.

  • I also provide comprehensive assessments for preschool to school-aged children with developmental or learning concerns.

Referral Process:

  • Parents/guardians may contact me via telephone or email

  • I also accept referrals from pediatricians and other providers and specialists (family must be aware of and consent to the referral)

  • I contact families directly to arrange assessment or treatment

Types of referral reasons:

  • challenges impacting medical care: needle phobia, taking medication, adhering to care regimens, adjustment to diagnosis, difficulty with making lifestyle/behavioural changes

  • sleep difficulties: separation anxiety, sleep disorders, insomnia, sleep hygiene challenges

  • self-esteem issues related to weight, health, body image

  • concerns about development and learning; mental health issues impacting learning

My Values:

  • I believe in the value of human connection. We are wired for connection and it is through our relationships that we can heal, learn, and grow.

  • I value research-informed practice, as well as learning from the families I serve.

  • I value multidisciplinary collaboration and family-centered care.

  • I am a passionate advocate for high-quality mental health care that is equitable and accessible to all.

Experience and Specialties:

Since 2007, I have worked in various multidisciplinary clinics at the Alberta Children's Hospital, including Neonatal Follow up, Diabetes Clinic, Endocrine Clinic, Sleep Clinic, and the Pediatric Centre for Wellness and Health (formerly Pediatric Centre for Weight and Health). Psychology work involved:

  • comprehensive developmental assessments for children at high risk of developmental problems due to extreme prematurity, early organ transplantation or cardiac surgeries, or significant birth trauma

  • psychoeducational and neurocognitive assessments for children with endocrine/genetic disorders (e.g., Turner syndrome)

  • consultant for multidisciplinary Feeding Consultation Service through neonatal follow up clinic for infants and children with complex feeding issues and mealtime stress

  • psychotherapy to help families and children navigate challenges such as diabetes, sleep disorders, or kidney disease, as well as supporting children with issues around health, lifestyle, and body image

  • effective teamwork and collaboration with pediatricians, medical specialists, allied health colleagues, teachers and parents to best support children

  • many children whom I serve are dealing with significant emotional dysregulation and behavioural problems, including those based in trauma

Research Involvement:

I am currently involved in two research projects:

  • Project Move Well, through University of Calgary and PCWH at Alberta Children's Hospital - role: consultant on psychometric measures

  • BIMP through University of Calgary - role: providing developmental assessments of 22-26 month old children categorized as "late preterm"


  • Ph. D., University of Calgary Clinical Psychology: 2008

  • Psychology pre-doctoral residency at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg: 2006-2007

  • Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists

  • Member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta (PAA)